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Are You Eating Pizza 🍕, Burgers 🍔, Hot dogs🌭 or Fries 🍟 at Tournaments?

by: @thetennisplayerdietitian

Erika K. Villalobos-Morsink RD, MS, MBA

At some tournaments, the only foods available are high-fat foods like pizza , burgers , fries , hot dogs , etc.

❌These foods are less than ideal as far as nutrition for performance goes.

❌These foods will not help you play better, they will make you feel worse

❌They will make you feel sluggish and this is the opposite of what you are looking for to feel and perform at your best.

Why? Because these foods take a long time to digest and may cause a stomachache.

✅Focus on simple carbs that are low in fat and low in fiber. Carbs will give you energy and they will replenish the glycogen stores in your muscles that will be necessary when you get to that third set.

✅Focus on lean protein like turkey, tuna, chicken, soy patties, low fat cheese. Protein will help you recover faster, not get sore and keep your bones strong.

✅The protein and carbs will have a little fat and that is more than enough and will not slow you down.

✅Remember: Low-fat (3g or less per serving), low fiber (3g or less per serving) because then the nutrients will get absorbed quicker by the body.

✅Example of a meal for a tournament: nitrate-free turkey sandwich with low-fat mozzarella, light mayonnaise, mustard, on white bread, with a fruit on the side for extra carbs.

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