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Lucie Wargnier.

1. - Name and Surname.

- Lucie Wargnier.

2. - From what age did you play tennis and in which city did you start playing?

- I started at 4, near from Paris.

3.-How many languages ​​do you speak?

French, English and I understand everything in Italian. Im learning Spanish.

4- At what age did you start playing professional tennis?

-My first match on itf was when I was 13.

5- What has been your best tournament?

-Hmmm, difficult to answer.. Cause so many good memories... I played the 4th grand slam junior, was amazing! But my fav is Roland Garros cause the atmosphere was amazing, I won my first round on main draw on court 7, the public was amazing, first time that there is so many people who was for me and scream my name!! But my best memories of victories can be : My first title itf 15K in Egypt + my first title itf junior in Cap d’ail + my title French champion.

6- What has been the best teaching that tennis has given you?

-Tennis was and still be my best teacher. He taught me how to always fight for what I want in life and on court, how to think and how to discipline myself. Way of life. Also he taught me to find a solution for every little slowdown, always. Thanks to tennis, I traveled and I went around the world. He gave me and still give me so much emotions, it’s a incredible feeling, indescribable as long as you haven't experienced it yourself.

7.- What message would you give to the boys and girls in your country who want to play professional tennis?

- Never let passion drown...! Dream, dare, live, play, love, and work hard!!!

8. - How do you see yourself in the next five years?

- How I would like to see myself in the next five years... On the biggest courts of Grand slam!! hoping that this covid will stop and that we can start the competitions as it should, because I miss it terribly and I advance in slow motion towards my dream and my goals.

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