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Syama Reyes

Syama loves sports, from snow skiing to tennis, she is always looking for a new adventure and challenge. She is certainly a tennis addict, caring her tennis racquet to all her world trips even when most of the times unfortunately it doesn't get off the bag due to tight schedules and lack of tennis partners in new towns.... When in Miami, she plays very frequently. She only started to pick up tennis more seriously on the last 3 years, even though before she has taken lessons on and off for a couple of years. From an early age, Syama began her career modeling and participating in TV commercials and shows. Syama’s enthusiasm for writing began in her early school years leading to several prizes and recognition, and eventually opening doors to major publications and TV scriptwriting including Habitasul, Ragga Magazine, Glass Magazine, mayor Latin America web portals such as, Newspapers, Fashion TV and Cool Magazine, where she currently is the Senior Foreign Correspondent specializing in glamour destination articles for her two columns “Glam Spots” and “Cool Shots”.

After graduating with a B.A. in Communications and completing TV Production, Oratory, Public Speaking and Fashion Merchandising Proficiency Courses in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she went on to host TV shows for E! Entertainment LatinAmerica, Televisa Mexico, TV COM Santa Catarina Brazil, Zee TV, Veria Living, Video Exitos and was guest artist at Telemundo, Globo TV Brazil, RCN Argentina and many others networks in Spanish, Portuguese and English as well as guest radio host at Radio Caracol and W Radio. Syama also completed her advanced academic studies earning an MBA degree in Entrepreneurship and a Masters Degree in Marketing (Florida, USA) which applied developing and leading world-class Branding and Communication projects, Public Relations and Sales along with a mix of Digital and Traditional marketing across different companies within the hospitality, travel, entertainment and lifestyle industries.

Born and raised fully trilingual in Brazil, Syama learned business skills from her entrepreneurial family, and with extensive background and experience, she also produces videos and events with her Miami based production company Rosa Neon. As Master of Ceremonies, she has hosted corporate and awards events such as the Latin Trade Bravo Business Awards and has been chosen as the spokesperson for several international brands and companies. Most recently Syama was Yahoo Brazil’s TV Anchor for the daily celebrities show “Na Cola dos Famosos”, was chosen as part of a selective team of journalists and producers covering the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Copa America 2019 and Miami Open Tennis 2017, 2018 and 2019 live for W Radio in Spanish and well as associate producer and guest host of major airline distribution travel tv show Global Child. As a digital influencer, she has been invited by several life-style, health and luxury brands, destinations and companies to collaborate, be the face of their campaigns and represent them on social media.

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